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Innovation with Direction


The Surfair 365 System

Designed for First Responders


Featuring the Spirit 3200 Ventilator

The ‘SPIRIT 3200 VENTILATOR’ is designed with state of the art components that are more accurate and provide increased reliability. The software provides operational functions to give even the most experienced Respiratory Therapist the precision and settings needed for the most delicate situation. At the same time, the most inexperienced personnel can enter simple patient data and the unit can calculate typical parameters to save lives until more experienced personnel can take over. Patented safety features that are absent on other ventilators just may make this the safest ventilator available.

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Our products are different from other typical manufacturers, often making them more reliable and user friendly. When you see our customization you too will wonder why it was done any other way!  We offer competitive pricing and considerable value on our products!

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Someone once looked at our products and commented, “looks like a bunch of solutions looking for a problem.” And I must confess we love to help solve your problems! The products we build are robust and are made for reliability. Our electronic designs are stable and functions are repeatable. Our printed circuit boards are designed to handle the current.

Signal Converters

Data Van Lightening Protection


This unit, designed for BJ Services, not only gets rid of transients but also provides 30,000 volts isolation between data van and external cables. We also have a small unit for frac pumps which includes isolation for E-STOP as well. 

Weatherproof Work Lights

Ready to install on your equipment!  12 or 24 VDC powered

Data Loggers



Why wire directly into your instrumentation when you can add a connector so easily? Then you can use a cable— which is quick to replace — eleminating wiring errors.